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About Us

Welcome to the online home of the best value icecream provider in the country. On this website you will find information about our company, potential business opportunities, our products, your health information as well as some fun stuff! So enjoy your time here and feel free to tell us what you think.



To make enjoyable icecream experiences affordable and available to all!



To manufacture international quality icecream products at best in class pricing and make them available everywhere through a well placed cold chain network.



The company does not believe in building a brand image that is larger than the value we provide. Infact we under-promise and over-deliver. We focus on creating value for the intelligent,educated consumer who can see though marketing gimmicks and choose what is really best for him. We also believe in socially responsible business, hence all decision making is not with just profit in mind but with the interest of our employees, partners, consumers and the larger society in mind.

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